Who doesn’t want to get rid of those irritating body hair? Well, almost everyone! And so, waxing is the most basic skincare you always need.

Waxing is simply the removal of body hair using a sticky substance such as wax. For some of us, the girls, waxing is a necessity.

Waxing not just removes the unwanted hair but also the dead skin cells which collect on your skin due to dust and pollution. When dead skin cells are removed, your skin rejuvenates.

We at Savoy Beauty provide a waxing service to help out all the ladies in being care and hair-free. We wax almost every part of the body.

This includes arms, underarms, hands, knuckles, legs, back and face. We also provide bikini waxing for sensitive areas.

The wax we use is 100% natural and original. The strips we use are also of the best and standard quality. At Savoy, you don’t need to worry about any harsh reactions on your skin.

We also customize our wax depending on various skin types. Waxing is painful, and hence, we train our team to wax in such a way that it causes minimum pain to our customers.

We understand that a lot of females experience burning due to the striping of wax. So, we provide its solution as well.

There are various after wax gels and ointments available to help your skin restore its moisture and reduce wax irritation.

After a week of waxing, hair starts to regrow in most of the areas from the roots. It is advisable to wax after every 30-40 days, depending on your hair growth.

Visit Savoy Beauty for waxing and get a completely hair free and fresh appearance.