Want a pair of perfectly shaped sharp eyebrows? Our threading service gets you covered.

Threading is a hair removal technique that has been practiced for centuries.

A pair of nicely shaped and trimmed eyebrows can completely transform your face and give you an elegant look. You may know that threading is a traditional hair removal technique for a temporary time.

We at Savoy Beauty use purely cotton threads to twist and pull out the hair from your face to give it an all-time beautiful look.

Threading is much safer for the face as compared to tweezing or waxing. Threading is also known to produce better results as compared to tweezing.

That’s exactly why threading is a better and superior alternative when it comes to facial hair removal.

We at Savoy Beauty have trained professionals doing the threading for you as we understand that perfection matters!

We ensure that we thread evenly and make you look sharper. We thread eyebrows, chin and any hair present on your face according to your preferences.

We understand that threading can be painful. Hence, we take utmost care to ensure you experience the least pain and feel comfortable.

We use natural gels and ice packs after threading to soothe your skin. Our experts also use eyebrow pencils and brushes to give your eyebrows a more deep and darker shade.

This process not only reduces the pain and skin irritation but also provides clear, smooth skin.

Threading should be done at a regular interval to keep your eyebrows in shape and your face clean. We recommend threading once every 15-20 days, depending on your hair growth.

Regular threading can avoid unwanted hair growth, oily pores, and dull face skin. We welcome you to Savoy Beauty for an absolutely fantastic threading experience.