Step up and Glow! Facial is probably the best and most important skincare routine. A good facial can brighten and glow up your face, which is the prime factor of looking gorgeous.

A lot of people think facials are a luxury and should be kept for special occasions only. Well, that is not true at all.

A regular facial can improve skin tone and help it detoxify. So, keep facials on the top of your beauty care list every time.

Facial consists of steaming, face masks, lotions and ice packs. Savoy Beauty has facials for each type of skin.

Be it oily, dry or normal, we have got it covered. We also have different flavours and options which you can choose from.

We have an orange peel face mask, green apple face mask, rose, O3 face mask and various other scrubs available.

We also offer a speciality of charcoal facial masks that can deeply cleanse your skin and give you a charming look.

Moreover, we have natural and organic products too. In addition to that, we also offer anti-ageing packs if you want wrinkle-free and tight skin. Facial spas are also an option if you’re going to go a step further to soften your skin.

We conduct facials for about 45-50 minutes, depending on the pack you choose. We generously use the pack and massage it all over your skin to maximize its benefits. We ensure your comfort and make sure you relax for some time.

We recommend facials once in every month to nourish your skin on a regular basis. Do try a facial at Savoy Beauty, and you will cherish the effects for a long time!