Welcome to Savoy Beauty!

Everybody wants to look beautiful. However, just like the garden, beauty also needs maintenance and care! If you can find some time to pamper yourself, then nothing is better than that.

But, if you are constantly juggling between career, children, families, and managing household duties, then you should definitely visit Savoy Beauty to enjoy some ‘me time.’

“A woman (or man) whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she (or he) wears.”

Yes, no matter what your gender is, here at Savoy, we help you unleash your beauty to make you even more confident than you already are!

We provide you with a varied range of beauty and skincare services, starting from essential treatments such as threading, waxing, facials to advanced beauty treatments such as eyelash extension, IPL, and henna tattoos. We can be the one-stop solution for all of you.

Our team at Savoy Beauty is well-trained to give you the desired results, no matter what your age is! We believe that after all the hard work you do, you deserve a pampering break.

And what else can be as relaxing as a self-care routine? Our practices will give you a new touch. Your one visit to Savoy can do wonders for your looks and self-confidence.

So, don’t think much. You know that you deserve this! You should not hesitate and put off taking care of your appearance from Savoy Beauty.

To begin with, let us relieve your stress. You have taken care of people a lot, and you will still do. Just consider Savoy time as a special time when you can just enjoy being taken care of.

We ensure your liking and customize the service according to your requirements, gender, and age. For us, customer satisfaction is the priority.

So, visit Savoy Beauty TODAY and get a memorable self-care and beauty experience!

Our Services

Savoy Beauty vouches for its top-notch beauty facilities and experts. Are you ready to glam up your life the way you want to? If yes, then we are already waiting for your appointment or walk-in.


Threading helps you keep your eyebrows on point. Let Savoy Beauty shape your eyebrows to perfection.


Facial adds glow to your face and clears your face skin. It is an anti-ageing regime. Visit Savoy Beauty to relax. Let us make you feel refreshed and recharged.


Waxing is a relief from unwanted hair on the skin and helps you to get rid of the dead skin. Get yourself waxed at Savoy Beauty and be free.


Eyelash extensions can’t solve problems, but they make a pretty bold start. Don’t believe this statement? Try them out today at Savoy Beauty.


IPL is used to improve the texture and color of your skin without surgery. At Savoy Beauty, we have highly trained professionals to perform IPL safely.


Henna is the perfect blend of fragrance, color, flexibility, and beauty. Get the most beautiful and temporary henna tattoo at Savoy. We assure you will not regret it.