Think of lash tinting as a semi-permanent dye job for your lashes. Tinting won’t add curl, length, or volume to your lashes.

Still, it’ll darken and intensify their color with permanent, cream-based dyes or, in some cases, a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye.

You’ll definitely see the foremost dramatic difference with an eyelash tint if you’ve got naturally light or blonde lashes.

Tinting your eyelashes is so fast, just like the dye is painted on, then sits on your lashes for just 10 minutes.

From start to end, the entire thing takes just half-hour. However, it may depend on where you go, how briskly the lash tech is, etc.

Eyelash tints last for about four weeks. The dye is permanent. Therefore, the pigment itself shouldn’t fade.

But, as your lashes fall out and new un-tinted lashes grow in their place, you’ll notice your eyelashes looking lighter and lighter.

Richardson says that to stay the attention area dry for twenty-four hours after your tinting treatment and use oil-free makeup removers and creams around your eye area for the simplest and longest-lasting result.

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It’s also recommended that you simply get eyelash perming and tinting together because it makes an excellent combination for an ideal pair of eyelashes.

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