The tedious task of applying mascara within the morning then removing it in the dark is annoying tons of the time. Any solution? Yes, Eyelash Perming or Lifting. It is the treatment for such a drag.

The goal of a lash lift and a lash perm is actually the same: to twist and lift the bottom of your natural lashes employing a chemical-based process.

Consistent with beauty research, you should accompany a clean face and refrain from wearing any eye makeup.

Thoroughly wash your eyes with soap and water. If you wear mascara regularly, specifically waterproof mascara, it’s recommended to prevent use for a minimum of 3 days before your appointment.

It’s because such products can leave a residue that forestalls lashes from adhering to the adhesive.

You can also ask your artist to tint your lashes after they’re lifted for darker and thicker looking lashes.

Be able to say goodbye to your mascara and lash curler and shave a while off of your beauty routine with Savoy Beauty.

All lash lifts aren’t created equal. Your artist can alter the tightness of the lash curl and add a tint to make the lashes look darker and thicker.

Eyelash perming roughly takes about 45 minutes, counting on various conditions. Once the eyes are cleaned off any residual makeup and oils, a silicone curling rod is placed with a mild adhesive on the eyelids bordering the lash line.

The natural lashes are then curled over the top of the rod and set with an adhesive.

Savoy Beauty has experienced professionals who will perform Eyelash Perming for you to daze off everyone together with your gorgeous eyelashes!